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The Sensor Is The Heart Of IOT Development

Apr 26, 2019

As a Flow Meter Sensor Supplier, let's talk about the importance of sensors for the development of the Internet of Things. "Sensor chip high-speed integration technology" can choose different characteristics of wireless sensing blocks, combined into a new sensor chip. For example, the chip center combined motion sensor, capacitive sensing signal reading, power saving low-speed processor, Bluetooth wireless transmission, battery power management circuit, and the production of "smart backpack sensor chip", when the backpack moves quickly and greatly, it may be mountain climbing When the person falls into the valley, he can immediately send a distress signal to the designated object; the chip center combines the deformation sensor, the resistance sensing signal reading, the RFID wireless transmission, and the electromagnetic wave energy extraction circuit to create an "intelligent bone plate chip" when the injured bone The plate is completely healed and no longer deforms. A signal is sent to inform the doctor that the bone plate can be removed.

Linear Hall Sensor

Foreign manufacturers mainly put sensor technology into industrial processes, and China can make this technology closer to life. Transportation, medical care, rescue, and wearable devices are all worth investing in. The key to the development of the Internet of Things is the collaboration and information transfer between machines, and sensors play an indispensable role in these machine networks and in the longer-term connected world.

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