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The Work Principle Of Linear Hall Sensor

Jan. 17, 2019

The Hall Sensor is a magnetic field sensor fabricated according to the Hall effect. The Hall effect is a kind of magnetoelectric effect, which was discovered by Hall (A.H. Hall, 1855-1938) in 1879 when studying the conduction mechanism of metals. Later, it was found that semiconductors, conductive fluids, etc. also have this effect, and the Hall Effect Technology of semiconductors is much stronger than that of metals. Various methods made by this phenomenon are widely used in industrial automation technology, detection and detection technology, and information processing. The Hall IC is the basic method for studying the properties of semiconductor materials. The Hall coefficient measured by the Hall effect experiment can determine important parameters such as the conductivity type of the semiconductor material and the carrier mobility of the carrier concentration meter.

Hall Sensor Suppliers tell you the essence of the Hall effect is that the charged particles are deflected by the Lorentz force in the magnetic field, causing them to accumulate to generate an electric field. The electric field will prevent the charged particles from deflecting. Finally, when the electric field force and the Lorentz force reach equilibrium, due to the charged particles The voltage generated by the aggregation is called the Hall voltage. The magnitude of the Hall voltage depends on: the Hall constant, which is related to the specific material; the bias current of the Hall element; the magnetic field strength; and the thickness of the Hall element. The magnetic field that you want to measure can ultimately be derived from the Hall voltage. The Linear Hall Sensor measures the position change of the object by using the magnetic field as a platform. The specific method is to change the position of the magnetic field in the Hall element by measuring the position change of the object, and finally obtain the relationship between the magnetic field and the Hall voltage.

Linear Hall Sensor

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