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Application Of Hall Effect Sensor In Electric Rolling Curtain

Jun. 27, 2018

Electric shutter doors are frequently utilized in garage, drape, electrical drape, etc.. Its feature is reciprocating movement, and the movement stroke is flexible. On the market of electric rolling door version chiefly from the Output Switch Type Hall Sensor and the combo of this tubular motor, comprehend digital limitation, obstructed detection, anti-theft capabilities like layout, thus meet with the requirement of electric rolling door of high precision, higher reliability, placement.

The digital position limiter is an equally significant part the electrical camera. Working principle of digital limiter is at one end of engine rotor set up several tiny magnets, together with the rotation of this engine, little magnets in turn following two hall sensors positioned side by side, and create a hall effect sensor activity and discharge in turn.

Digital limiter is often used as low price, dependable excellent switch kind double-pole lock hall component.

Since different sorts of hole have various advantages and disadvantages and use of this content, if you would like to find out more knowledge and Hall Effect Sensor kind, mention hall selection table, can also consult with our online customer support or technical staff for your specialist hall program choice, the further, and also serve you wholeheartedly!

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