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Flow Sensors Supplier

Nov. 28, 2017

Verification procedures and flow meter standard is the safeguard of flow sensor can accurately measure. In many fields, accurate measurement of flow rate is very important and widely used in the economic field, such as environmental monitoring, medical and health care, safety protection and trade settlement.

Classification of Flow-Sensors

1) According to the input: displacement sensor, speed sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, etc.

2) According to the working principle: strain flow sensor, capacitance flow sensor, inductive flow sensor, piezoelectric flow sensor, thermoelectric flow sensor.

3) According to the physical phenomenon: structure type sensor, characteristic type sensor.

4) According to the energy classification: energy conversion sensor, energy control sensor.

5) According to the output signal: analog sensor, digital sensor.

Features of Flow-Sensors

1) Small size, light weight, display reading intuitive and clear.

2) High reliability, anti-lightning,not affected by external power supply.

Our products about flow meter sensor:Flow-Sensors


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