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Five Development trends In Hall Effect Sensor 3

Dec. 21, 2018

At present, the highest sensitivity of Hall Sensor can reach tens of Gauss. In industrial and automotive applications, Hall sensors with sensitivity of 200 gauss to 500 gauss are well suited for application tasks. Increasing the sensitivity of Hall sensors can open up new applications. One of the current challenges of Hall Effect Sensor is that circuits must be able to sense very small magnetic fields and subtle changes in the magnetic field.

In general, Linear Hall Sensor is required to adopt a very complicated structure to achieve measurement of the rotational position, and a good structure is patented internationally. Companies using these structures are subject to royalty fees. To this end, some companies have introduced Hall sensors that measure horizontal magnetic fields, which make it easier to measure the rotation, so there is no patent fee.

Hall Sensor Suppliers it were originally widely used in automotive electronics and industrial control, and as they become more widely used in the consumer electronics market, such as access to gaming consoles, electric toys, and other applications, how to control power consumption And cost is also a challenge for vendors. Moreover, it faces the challenge of production testing technology.

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