Linear Hall Sensor AH49E
  • Linear Hall Sensor AH49E
  • Linear Hall Sensor AH49E
  • Linear Hall Sensor AH49E
Linear Hall Sensor AH49E Linear Hall Sensor AH49E Linear Hall Sensor AH49E

Linear Hall Sensor AH49E

    ◆ Features

    Rated working voltage 4.5 V ~ 6.5 V;  

    Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ 125℃;

    Rail to Rail voltage output, Rated output current : 6 mA; 

    Variety of package forms and outer packings for your choice;

    No mechanical contact, no spark, switch signal stability, no shaking moment, high reliability and safety;

    Products meet the EU RoHS instruction 2011/65 / EU and REACH regulations 1907/2006 / EU requirements.


◆  Outline

The magnetic sensor will pass linear area /nonlinear area/ saturation area during the magnetic induction increases. When there is no magnetic field that applies in sensor (B=0), when the output voltage of sensor is only half of Vcc (Vcc/2); when “N” pole faces mark surface of sensor, and be closed to it gradualy (B→-∞),the output voltage begins to decrease, and the voltage doesn’t reduce with the increased magnetic field; When the “S” pole of magnet faces the mark surface of the sensor and is closed to sensor gradualy (B→+∞), the output voltage of sensor begins to increase, and it doesn’t increase with the increased magnetic field after it reaches saturation voltage.The magnetic and electric transfer characteristic curve of linear sensor is shown as the figure:

AH49E 3.jpg

◆ Block Diagram                                              AH49E 4.jpg

AH49E is a kind of analog signal output Hall IC, the output voltage changes with the changes of magnetic field. The sensor chip has built-in reverse voltage protection, voltage regulators, temperature compensation circuit, Hall-voltage generator, signal amplifier, and other circuit unit etc. Excellent voltage regulator and temperature compensation circuit ensure the sensor stable operates over a wide voltage range and temperature range, and the reverse voltage protection circuit avoids the water meter sensor to be damaged by reverse voltage.

◆ Limit Parameter

Storage TempTs-55175
Supply VoltageVCC4.06.0V
Magnetic InductionBunlimitedunlimitedmT

◆ Electrostatic Grade

Under human being mode, the Electrostatic compression is large than ±6kV.

◆ Operating Condition

Supply VoltageVCC4.55.5V
Operating Temp.Ta-2585
Output CurrentIO6mA

◆ Electromagnetic Characteristic

ParameterSymbolTest Condition  Min.Typ.Max.Unit
Stationary    voltageVOVCC=5V2.32.52.7V
Stationary    voltage driftVVCC=5V,TA=125℃-15015mV
Supply currentICCVCC=5V358mA
Sensitivity    DriftTC Compare with the sensitivity under 25℃ within operating Temp. range0.060.120.18℃/%
Linear    AreaL--90-+90mT

Note 1: Unit is mT, 1mT=10Gs.

Note 2: When the “S”Pole of the magnetic field is vertical to the front mark of product, we call the magnetic field B>0.

◆ Package Outline

SOT23-3L(M type)package figure(Unit: mm)

AH49E 5.png

SOT89-3L(S type)package figure(Unit: mm)

AH49E 6.png

TO-92UA/TO-92S(UA type)package figure(Unit: mm)

AH49E 7.png

Note: in the package outline figure, Pin 1 is Vcc, Pin2 is GND, Pin 3 is output terminal.


Mark “XX”or “AHXX” are abbreviation form of parts No., the second line “XXXX” means product lot No.

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